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Word Processing

Enable Integrated Package

For many, any DOS based programming language is old news. For those who are tired of Windows GPF errors and expensive memory upgrades Enables Integrated Package is just the solution. Enable Software is found around the world, including most US Military bases. Using a relational Dbase file structure with Lotus like functions, and Word Processing features, Enable can produce extensive solutions on single work stations as well as most networks, including Novell and Microsoft.  

Promises Kept has a staff of professionals who can create the perfect solution, that works the first time. No expensive prototyping, just timely accurate solutions. 

We will come to your site, investigate your needs, define a plan, and give you a fixed price.

For more information send us an E-Mail with your Needs or call us at (513) 300-7418



Programming Solutions in Enable Software

Enable Software is a very powerful programming environment, without the cost over head of more memory, faster processor, and larger hard disks, associated with  Microsoft Windows.


Promises Kept has been developing Enable based solutions since 1984. Using the extensive database programming languages, with integrated spreadsheet functions, we can develop stand-alone, network or wide-area network applications.

Promises Kept is dedicated to continuing support for Enable users. We are in the process of developing a tech support service. This will be a fee based plan based upon $95 per hour, billed in 15 minute increment. If you need help now, please call 513-300-7418, ask for Bert Bullock, or email us at EnableSupport@Promises-Kept.Com

Important News From Enable Software

July 25th, 1997

Enable Software Inc. has ceased operations on July 25th, 1997. However, in conversations with Enable on the final day, they estimated that there were approximately 190,000 users still actively using Enable around the world. Promises Kept has since 1987, supported and programmed Enable applications.

Promises Kept is dedicated to continuing support for Enable users.